Boost in Directory

Do you want to boost Articlesin the Network Directory? This will push it up to the top of the list in the global directory and everyone will be able to see it more easily.

Network Directory
Lightning Nodes

Nodes that have self-registered with and used their node key to cryptographically authenticate their node details.

Network Map

Node Name Registration

Set Your Node Name

Do you have your own Lightning Network node?

Set a public name on so people can see with whom they are transacting.

In LND, use $ lncli signmessage message

Received Payment

0.00000042 tBTC ($0.01 tUSD)

Remove From Directory

Do you want to remove Articlesfrom the Network Directory? This will remove it from the global directory and require the node operator to re-register their details if they want to be listed.

Requested Payment

Request Peer Addition

Connect to Peer

Having issues sending to a destination? Peer connectivity happens automatically, but a destination peer may be unknown or only weakly connected.

You can request connectivity to a specific network peer using their peer address.

Establishing or improving peer connectivity may take some time.

Peer Connection Requested

Requested improved connectivity to pubKey@host

Sent Payment to John's Socks Emporium

0.00000042 tBTC ($0.01 tUSD)

Alpaca Socks

Store Creator

Make Your Own Shop

Build a Lightning-powered shop to call your own. Add goods, prices and start generating tBTC for your amazing products.

Updated Directory

Successfully updated the network directory with your peer!


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